Past Visitors/Workers Comments

"I really enjoyed my time there last year. Great family and it was an experience working on the farm!" Miguel (Mexico)

"You guys have made this trip for me and this time has been so much more than working on a dairy farm - it was the adventure of a lifetime" Brett (Canada)

"Cheers for everything…we had such a good time here - for nearly 3 months! We felt very much at home in the "Woolshed" and the kids are good fun. We will really miss Ralph too - the coolest dog in the world!" Johanna & Tom (Germany & England)

"I really enjoyed my time here on the farm and it was definitely the right decision to stay an extra month" Julia (The Second) (Germany)

"The 3 months spent here have gone really fast and I learned so much. We really enjoyed our time here and thank you Blair and Sarah. We'll miss the kids and Ralph and Rosie (dogs) sharing our veranda" Remy (France)

"Thank you for giving me this amazing opportunity of seeing and experiencing NZ farm life. I'd come back immediately! I'm also going to miss the Woolshed - my 2nd home" Julia (The First) (Germany)

"We are really grateful for such an amazing 4 weeks - we both really wanted to work and live longer at Marchwood Farm. Big thank you from "the German Couple" for everything we learnt and who spent a really good time on your farm." Lasse and Kristin (Germany)

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