About Us


We are the Hamilton's (Blair and Sarah) and Marchwood Farms is a collection of our three dairy farms in North Otago situated in the South Island of New Zealand. Originally a family sheep and beef farm, Marchwood Farms is now a successful dairy business with more than 2500 cows and 20 permanent workers.

We also offer the opportunity to world travellers to have an authentic farm experience, working and staying with us during their working holidays. Most visitors end up staying here between one and three months, because they enjoy this enriching experience the same way as we enjoy learning about people and other cultures.

One of our priorities is to guarantee a good working environment, with constant improvements of the workspace. That is the reason why we have successfully carried out many important projects, mainly since 2000. Enjoy the pictures comparing the "Before and After" of Marchwood Farms.


Marchwood Farms sits on some beautiful country with great scenery and has many buildings which are dedicated to the accommodation of temporary and permanent farm workers. The accommodations are all modern, warm and inviting and provide a great place to stay on your working period (see Gallery).

Holiday farm accommodation for those who just want to spend their holidays resting in a peaceful place is also avalible. Close to the many of the wonderful attractions this area has to offer. A2O cycleway, Oamaru, Waitaki Valley, Lakes , Mountains and the Sea are all within an easy drive from the farm.


Jobs opportunities

Come and experience what you can't at home - the best that Kiwi farming working life has to offer. You'll get a lot of enjoyment from your sense of achievement from working hard, doing jobs you've never even heard about before. Please contact us if you are interested in coming to work and live on a great NZ dairy farm.